August 11, 2017: Access Copyright Foundation awards $50,000 in professional development grants

August 11, 2017 – The Access Copyright Foundation (ACF) has awarded $50,000 in professional development grant funding to 25 Canadian creators, and cultural organizations.

Professional Development Grants were awarded to the following:

  • Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia
  • Association of Manitoba Book Publishers
  • Helaine Becker
  • Donna Besel
  • Becky Blake
  • Book Publishers Association of Alberta
  • Canada’s National History Society
  • Canadian Artists’ Representation / Le Front des artistes canadiens
  • Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective Inc.
  • Claire Dibble
  • Freehand Books
  • Joan Marie Galat
  • Chelene Knight
  • Katherine Koller
  • Barbara Langhorst
  • League of Canadian Poets
  • Lone Pine Publishing Ltd.
  • Cara Ann Loverock
  • Madeleine Nattrass
  • Peter Norman
  • Dino Pulerà
  • Murray Reiss
  • Yolanda Ridge
  • Shoshanna Wingate
  • The Writers’ Union of Canada

“Today, more than ever, cultural professionals need the opportunity to continually grow and develop. The Foundation’s professional development grants program plays a small, but vital, role in allowing Canadians to take part in skills training, professional development or mentorship,” said ACF chairperson Katherine Lawrence.

The ACF Professional Development Grants program provide access to specialized training and continuing education for writers and visual artists and for arts professionals employed or contracted by Canadian publishers, writing and visual arts organizations.

The Foundation promotes and supports Canadian culture by providing grants (Events, Professional Development, and the Marian Hebb Research Grant) to assist with the development and distribution of publishable Canadian works.

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