Events Grant

The next deadline for this grant will be announced here.


The Access Copyright Foundation Events Grants program promotes the development and public appreciation of Canadian publishing, literary and visual arts. Events Grants provide funding to organizations and artists groups in order to showcase publishable works to the public or to host professional development events for writers, visual artists, publishers and related arts professionals.

Events must celebrate and present Canadian content in a public context, or provide opportunities for learning, career advancement or creative discourse in publishing, writing or visual arts.

Artistic Discipline

Events grants are available in the literary and visual arts.

Grant Term

Funded projects must be completed no later than one year after their start date.

Grant Amount

Organizations and artists groups may apply for up to 50% of eligible project expenses to a maximum of $7,500.

The demand for Access Copyright Foundation Events Grants generally exceeds available resources. Sufficient funds may not be available to support all of the recommended applicants or to provide grants in the amounts requested.